Our Games

Go to the Googly Eyed Splitters website 'Googly-Eyed Splitters' is a puzzling platform adventure game, powered by the powerful Farseer Physics engine the game allows the player to take on a whole 40 puzzling levels across 3 different worlds wherein they must guide the cutesy googly-eyed splitters through a variety of deadly traps and physics-based puzzles.

Go to the Triangular website If you like classic puzzles such as Rubik's Cube, you'll love this new logic puzzle, Triangular! With 'Match-3' type gameplay, your goal is to rotate the triangles on the gameboard so that where the points of the triangles meet, the gem colours match.

Go to the Gravity Runner website Take your typical Run 'n Jump game. Spruce it up with the ability to switch gravity. Slot in over 25 challenging levels, an endless level and you have one of the most addictive games you'll ever play...

Screw the Dealer In this iPhone card game similar to "Spades" and "Trumps" triumph over many competitors with a variety of skill levels and best of all it is free; so make sure you pick it up!

Go to the official Cavemen VS Aliens website Cavemen VS Aliens is a real-time strategy action game with simplistic controls, but innovative gameplay. Using the Xbox 360 controller, you must aid your cavemen on the battlefield to success, and demolish the aliens' evil desires by choosing effective decisions quickly and wisely.

iSevens If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch this game is a necessity. Travel across the world whilst carrying your iPhone and play the card game Sevens against a worldly list of competitors.

Go to the Wordsearch Rush Forums Wordsearch Rush is more than your traditional wordsearch puzzle. Race against time to find all the words associated with a certain topic.