We Are Colin Ltd. is an independent games company based in Derby, UK founded by Derby University Computer Games Programming course leader John Sear. He has had a passion to always create an independent games development studio and he finally has. The team has a small collective group of talented designers, programmers and artists who specialise in developing games for the iPhone and Xbox Live Indie Games platform.

The Team

John Sear

I'm John. An ex-games industry programmer. Well ex(traditional) games industry. Indie games are still part of the industry. I'm one of the developers at We Are Colin. I've been programming for almost 28 years which makes me sound very old. So I'm involved in programming / design and pretty much anything else required. I'm really into indie games and I love the fact that the barriers to entry are so low that anyone and everyone can now make games on Microsoft / Sony and Apple platforms.

Lee Phillips

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Sean Rafael

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Matt Keyte

Hey I'm Matt, I am currently working at We Are Colin for my placement year whilst studying Computer Games Programming at the University of Derby. At We Are Colin I concentrate on the programming side of things for projects and also look after the We Are Colin website.

Freddie Reynolds

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Hall Of Fame

David Leverton

I am David (or Dave) Leverton, I'm studying Computer Games Programming at The University Of Derby and am currently working at We Are Colin during my placement year of the course. I feel privileged to be part of the Creation and Development of We Are Colin and hope to make We Are Colin a well known name in the Indie Developer Scene.

Justin Alexander

I am Justin Alexander and am currently on my third year of my Computer Games Programming degree, which is a work placement. I am one of the developers at We Are Colin and specialise in programming and designing. My passion for designing and programming comes from the awesome catalogue of games that I've played; such as Shenmue, Mario Kart, Halo and Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time to name a few.

Joe Pykett

Hey I'm Joe. An aspiring games artist and artist for Cavemen vs Aliens, our strategy game for the Xbox360. I am also a 3D artist and have some knowledge of animation techniques and study games modelling and animation at the university of Derby. I'm proud to be part of the team here at WeAreColin helping where ever I can with the abilities that I have.

Stacy Cannon

I'm Stacy, I'm a University student studying BA Hons Game Art.

I'm an Artist at We Are Colin, I've been doing the art work for the WordSearch Rush game for the iphone. I Have been studying art for 5 years, I am mainly a 3D Artist. I have been studying 3D for 3 years.

I have always wanted to make games, especially 3D ones. I really enjoy what I'm doing, I hope people like what I'm doing as much as I do!

You can see my personal art work here

Alan Davies

I am Alan Davies, games are my passion and obsession. I have a degree in Computer Games Programming and been designing games for 2 years now. Currently I'm doing some Game Design and QA for We Are Colin, who are a brilliant studio to be involved with. This is a great time to be an Indie Developer with all the major formats supporting and welcoming Indie Developers =D Don't forget to play our games. End of communication!

Chris Hoyle

Chris Hoyle has graduated from a Multimedia and Design course. He has created the artwork for Screw The Dealer, iSevens and will be providing the artwork on an upcoming project.